I think my look and my attitude make me hard to get an equal-paid job. I hope I would not regret by getting this job because it sounds hard and does not suit to the pay. But anyhow, I would do my best and learn from the experiences. And I know by training hard like this, I will have a better future. At least it will prove that I am able to work very hard and capable to settle tough tasks. Jia you ya Ben Dan. =}



It was supposed to be a bad day.. My nephew Ping admitted into hospital and due to some reasons, I have to take care of him whole day and overnight in hospital.. Luckily he's willing to let me take care of him cause he's not an easy boy lol.. U might know what I'm referring to..

I sincerely think that nurses and mom are the best creatures in this world.. The moment I saw my nephew's diarrhea poo.. I vomited LOL I'm a lousy mom-to-be but I'm sure I'm a good aunt..

After a few times of practice..  I already used to the poo's smell n look n could clean him without closing my nose hehe *proud*

It's 27/4/2014 at 5.45am.. Insomnia.. Nephew diarrhea n fever again.. Watching him so suffer n I couldn't help much is painful..

Oh ya.. I really feel thankful that I have a great bf.. He actually not really agreed on what I did (carry all the burdens that shouldn't be my burdens) but when I said I'm hungry.. He purposely bought me burger n drove all the way here to supper with me at 2am.. Maybe this is what I m looking for.. I'm so happy n touched when he appeared in ward with his tiring face.. How could I not love him.? I'll never forget what u did bf.. I love u!

Oh ya.. Finally received my belated valentine's gift.. It's a leather jacket! So yeng! Thanks again bf Muakz



Had great fun with bf's friends yesterday! Yesterday was well spend with lovely bf, from noon till mid night. It's been sometime we didn't active in friends' circle. Great people, funny jokes and fun games. Awww... Killer game, I miss it badly and finally get he chance to play yesterday.

I am not a good killer, not a bad cop and definitely the Best doctor lol I can't stop laughing when my bf called doctor and I response immediately without any hesitate LOL It was So STUPID! And the moment when me and another girlfriend was killing each other and laughing ourselves and the next second, the hands of the cop were on both of our cards bfr we could kill others. LOL

My bf was the most evil killer EVER. Always kill me immediately after I checked my card by using his puppy eyes and fat tongue (ISH!)

IT JUST SO MUCH FUN after a long period of stressful life (except the time spent with bf and family)

TODAY! hahaha.. I never thought my evil bf will be so sweeet~ *showoff showoff* LOL (show off to myself, bo lang read my blog de LOL)

Just wanted to record down this sweet thing he did. He cooked me a roasted-pork fried rice and purposely (very ho lat-ly) ride his super-get-attention superbike from his house to my college just to send me the lunch box during my lunch break. Beh tong, So sweet! Ants all around my body. It was nice, tastes good but the portion was too little for my big stomach. Gf needs more food to make sure her brain function well during lecture.

Okay. He can cook better than me. Yea~ shamed on me. But, WHO CARES! I will be the forever diner! Good. I can bite my chips and eyes on TV while waiting my dinner to be done. Nah~ Too much. He isn't that free lol

Anyway~ What a wonderful day! Thanks bf and xoxo. Love you muakz

p.s. he doesn't know I have a blog LOL memang syok sendiri



Yup. I only come back when I need to talk and when my diary abandon me.

It's ok for not be in a open relationship, n yes, I do prefer that way, but being requested by the loved one, yea~ it hurts.

I know I could hardly trust anyone nowadays and when I choose to trust u.. U better appreciate it, cause it might slowly disappear day by day if u started to hurt me.

Yup. I was right! I was so damn fucking right that I hate that feeling of pain in heart, especially it was so pain until u couldn't breathe well and u couldn't control ur tears dropping from ur rabbit eyes. And yes.. At this idiot March (which is the month I most hated since 2012), I felt that stupid feeling.

I was very angry at myself! Yes, me, myself. Just stop expand the hurt feeling until u couldn't control! It was a tiny matter, just a problem of the word 'trust'.

Yes. Trust. This god damn fucking word that every relationship needs, it's hard to build. When girls don't believe in it, guys tend to make promise, put on puppy eyes, begging and pleasing u to believe in it, want u to TRUST them. End up most of the time, it's those shits who begged us to trust break the bond and do some shit things. And the girls will end up no believe the word again. And EVERYTHING REPEATS WHEN THEY MEET ANOTHER GUY!

Ok! Yes, I'm facing this tiny problem right now. Will solve it Tmr.

Yeah~ feeling better.. I knew blog does help! Night world~

P.s. Can I ask y everytime u will be the first few person who liked ur ex's pics? No, I'm just wondering.. I wasn't jelly when u didn't double tap my Instagram ... I wasn't jelly AT ALL




好姐妹终于结婚啦! 忙忙碌碌高高兴兴的日子都过了,回忆满满,我好像比他们还高兴呢!




我的十二月一开始,就在我的自我催眠和自我矛盾下展开... 一方面尽量说服我自己别再沦陷,一方面又想继续维持这种关系..

是啊,难道我忘了那个东西会让我又多痛吗?那种无法呼吸,无法释放,又无法解脱的感觉,不想再尝试了.. 说过不让自己在触碰的,孤单寂寞很好,多的是时间工作和旅游,别再制造机会让自己再一次感受锥心之痛了... 老了,怕是承受不了了...

逐渐冷淡,尽量远离吧.. 自私点,自己的心才会好过些... 自己不保护自己,自己不疼爱自己,难道还指望别人来为你做你本分的事?





这个月过得不错,很忙很充实,忙得都有点忘了时间... 快乐,增加了 ^^ 也有点被虐性的被工作,课业及一些怪因素折磨..


下雨的季节到了,时常半夜里都伴随着雨声入眠,很幸福。看了方文山的电影,喜欢它的情节,喜欢他的文艺,更喜欢它带来那平静又感动的爱情... 很多人给了负面的评价,但我很喜欢很喜欢!

月中时,同事把我欺负得很惨,我以为我会哭的,我以为我会和朋友哭诉的,但..我没有... 我自己也被吓到了,我大概只用了少过一小时就把这事给消化掉了,依然和所有人开心地笑着,依然笑着回家,睡午觉... 并没有假笑,是真的笑着,不知道这是不是长大?

还记得去年也是这样被欺负,那时,回家哭惨了,而且还是属于有男友等于没男友的阶段,回家想告诉他我的事,他给我冷淡的语气,我反而还得陪着笑脸的和他说笑,硬着头皮的和他聊天,把自己的哽咽都吞进肚里。到了终于很开心的和他见面时,居然还给我提分手... 去年的九月和十月还真是狼狈 ^^ 应该每天都是哭着做事,哭着运动,哭着看戏,哭着睡着,哭着醒来的吧~ 把所有这些年的眼泪都用完 ^^

那个人该庆幸还是觉得倒霉呢?随他吧~ 我不会再这么傻了,很多事我已经训练的不会重来了...

单身也太好了,多的是自己的时间! 多的是与我亲亲小狗相处的时间,多的是朋友请的晚餐,多的是去不完的电影邀约... 男的朋友对我的关心和疼爱,比男友更好;女朋友对我的宠溺,男友又给不到.. 高声欢呼单身万岁!!!

十一月更忙了!! 我的老一岁生日,我亲爱的同居关系结婚,出差!!! 还有无数的课要上,和无数的地方要去, 最最重要的是有无数的人欠我的餐!!! I am so gonna conquer u NOVEMBER!